Abhmanyu Singh known for his raw earthy characters particularly in the south, apart from Hindi films. Irrespective of the length of the roles in the film, they have made a powerful impact through meaningful and pivotal roles. Industry finally seems to have woken up to his talent and has offered roles that justify his talent and gives opportunity to prove his mettle. His character as a RAW agent in Anil Sharma’s film GENIUS shows him in multiple shades and his central to the script.


Director Anil Sharma has seen Abhimanyu in different light and has casted him in stylized RAW agent. He will be seen in suits and blazers for his role of intelligent and smart witted RAW agent who helps the main protagonist crack a difficult case. According to sources in the unit,” said Abhimanyu Singh,” it feels good to be presented with diverse opportunities. Anil Sharma has created memorable characters in his films like Gadar etc. Genius is a wonderful script and is very close to my heart.”

abhimanyu_singhAbhimanyu Singh known for his characters like Ransa in “Gulal”, Bukka Reddy in “Rakth Charitra” or Meghji in “Ram Leela, Sanjay Gupta’s “Jazba”, Manoj Tiwari’s Global baba etc which always presented him in earthy roles. His character with Karthi in Telugu also presents him in menacing role that will send chills down the spine just like his other characters do. Its his work in south which has made him immensely popular down south, Bollywood seems to have woken up to his talent and is embracing him with open arms which will be seen in to be released Boney Kapoors film “MOM” with Srideviji. Abhimanyu Singh once again plays a powerful character along with Akshay Khanna & Nawazuddin Siddiqui as his co-actors.

Abhmanyu Singh said “It was a dream come true to be in the same frame as Srideviji, I have grown up watching her films and when offered the role in the film I just had to say yes. But I felt bad when in the film I had to be menacing and give lot of trouble to Srideviji since we are at each other throat throughout the film”

Abhimanyu has recently shot for Tamil film “Dheeran Adhigaram Ondru with Actor Suriya ‘s brother Karthi and is now shooting with Junior NTR in his Telugu flick. Abhimanyu ‘s Telugu film Raakshasi is directed by Panna Royal releases on the same day as that of Sridev’s MOM where Abhimanyu plays a pivotal role.