Ranbir Kapoor reminisces his childhood memories as he the importance of family and get together in this video for his upcoming film, Jagga Jasoos.

Jagga Jasoos focuses on the father-son bond that Jagga and his father share. The film embarks on the importance of family so much that it got Ranbir to share his memories of his family.

Ranbir shares, “Jagga Jasoos is in search of his father who is gone missing. I think through this film, through the way Dada(Anurag Basu) used to describe the character, the dynamic, you kind of realize the value of family, it takes you back to your family.”

Jagga Jasoos is a feel good film that is best to be watched with the family. The lead actors Ranbir and Katrina earlier featured in a video shared by the makers which urged the audience to watch the film with the family. The latest video depicts Ranbir talking about the role of the family in one’s life.

Ranbir Kapoor shares his family routine as he expresses that his family meets at his Grandmother’s house every Sunday. He also revealed that they do have fights but they are resolved by calling and apologizing or by gifting each other as a token of apology.

The video showcases Ranbir discussing memories from his childhood as his family would spend time together. The young actor reminisces how on family dinners his father would play quizzes with him and his sister, that he shares are one of the best memories of him.

The Jagga Jasoos star also disclosed what happens in their WhatsApp family group, he shared his sister is amongst the most annoying people as she texts in parts and not together.

The actor urges the audience to revive and recreate memories with their family by watching the film together, with only a few days left for the release of Jagga Jasoos, the excitement among the audience has reached its peak.

Disney and Pictureshuru Production’s Jagga Jasoos directed by Anurag Basu is set to release on 14th July 2017. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in the lead with music composed by Pritam.