Gaurav Ghatnekar who is currently busy promoting his film ‘Kay Re Rascala’ under Priyanka Chopra’s Purple Pebble Pictures banner, has taken his initial acting lessons from Whistling woods International Institute for Films, Animation and Media Arts, where he met veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah as his head of department and from there itself new journey of Gaurav started.

Gaurav joined Naseeruddin Shah’s Motley theater group where he has been part of many English and Urdu plays. He did his acting debut in television show ‘Tujvin Sakhya Re’ opposite Kadambari Kadam, and also played role of lord Krishna in Dharmakshetra on Epic Channel.

Tujhi Majhi Love Story’, Ballad of Rustom, and Cycle Kick are some of his movies and now Kay Re Rascala is about to releasing tomorrow.

While talking about Kay Re Rascala he said, “I am playing character of young boy who did all hard work to get employed for better future but without luck he failed everywhere and now he wants to be a smart worker and get things go well.”

But in personal life Gaurav has his own philosophy which is totally opposite of his character in movie. “I believe in hard work and only your hard work can get you at right place on right time that is destiny which is again created by your heard work only. my Guru Naseeruddin Shah has also tout me the same, says Gaurav.

Priyanka Chopra’s first movie as producer was ‘Ventilator’ which was big hit and this is her second release in this particular situation do you feel any pressure on you? while answering this question Gaurav said, from the beginning of making of this movie we never said that this is film like ‘Ventilator,’ our movie is totally family entertainer where ‘Ventilator’ was movie with message, so as such no pressure, but this movie has taught me a lot. taught me to be more patient, though I am, some time i get dreams of our film became big hits which makes me awake so sometime i get dreams which is not good for our films that is also wakes me up but i got to learn from my this fraternity friends that every film comes to theater with its destiny. “

Talking about difference between Marathi film Industry and Bollywood movies Gaurav Ghatnekar said, “Bollywood and Marathi film industry both are like brothers as their Karma Bhumi is Mumbai only difference Bollywood is national cinema he is like big brother but when it comes to script Bollywood is star driven industry sometimes they write scripts keeping some actors in mind on other hand in Marathi cinema script is the hero which makes many of really good actors wait for long time for suitable films to come to them. this also creates impression in peoples mind that we must be doing some other work that’s why not doing movies but its not like that.”

While talking about learning from Naseeruddin Shah, Gaurav said,” from the day i have joined Naseer ji told me don’t expect that I am going to recommend you to anyone only what can i do is I can teach how to become a good actor anything more then that you don’t expect from me. what ever you will get work hard and your hard work will take you ahead and that is the principal I am following from that day onward.

Gaurav Ghatnekar’s ‘Kay Re Rascala’ is all set to release on 14 July and after that he has ‘Radio Nights 6.06’ and one more movie lined up.