Veteran actor Pankaj Berry is playing a very interesting role of Tathacharya in Sony SAB’s recently launched Tenali Rama. Tathacharya is the royal priest in the court room of King Krishnadevraya. Tathacharya is a cunning, greedy man, and the biggest enemy of Tenali Rama. He is the biggest hater of Tenali Rama and his only motive is to throw him out from the King’s court. He does not leave a chance when it comes to mislead Tenali. Tenali Rama is always successful in outdoing Tathacharya with his intelligence, which leaves Tathacharya fuming. In a brief conversation with Pankaj Berry aka Tathacharya from Tenali Rama.

Have you done Folklore series before?

I have done Mahabharat before. Recently I did Peshwa Bajirao. I have done historic shows before but Tenali Rama is the first folklore series of my life.

 Why did you choose Tenali Rama?

My character in Tenali Rama is very interesting and challenging. I play the role of Tattacharya who is Tenali’s rival. Tenali Rama is a show which all generations can connect. Tattacharya character is multi-dimensional. Though his character is on darker side but there are so many variations. That is why I choose this role.

We have seen you on Television, Theatre and Bollywood. Which industry do enhances you as an actor?

Honestly, as an actor we have to play a character rather than look for a medium. The only difference is technicalities otherwise rest all remains same. And speaking in terms of acting, films will go into minute details of acting whereas television industry needs loud reaction. So all medium needs their own skills.

How will you describe your relation with Tenali Rama?

My equation with Tenali is exactly of what an antagonist and protagonist of the show needs to have. When Tenali tries to solve problem and Tattacharaya brings all kind of hurdles in his way. Tenali’s only enemy in the show is Tattacharya. It’s kind of a Tom and Jerry relationship.

How does comedy come to you?

Comedy is a very tough job as an actor. To make people laugh is a difficult job. However, the major efforts comes from writer and actor’s job is to work on timing with co-actor and then get that energy out.

We have seen you in a lot of negative character, why?

As an actor, I have explored a lot of characters. I had done positive as well as negative character, but what people remember me is for negative roles that I have done. But I have to tell people that I have done positive roles, which worked out really for me too.

To catch Pankaj Berry as Tathacharya, stay tuned to Tenali Rama, Monday – Friday, 8.00pm only on Sony SAB!