The suave actor Ali Fazal does what he believes be it the kind of films he does or is involved with certain causes. Recently Ali shot for a video for a car brand which runs on electricity to promote pollution free environment. Ali believes such cars would help the environment to be pollution free in the long run of eco-friendly environment. And it’s every individual’s responsibility to take care of nature and contribute towards a pollution free environment. Ali without a second thought took to the offer to be a part of such a campaign.
Speaking about the same, Ali Fazal Said, “I think there’s enough pollution in our country right now and it’s nice to hear that pollution free cars are setting in. Obviously, it is a very start and I’ll not give up my own vehicle right now because unfortunately, we have to use our vehicles which are polluting the environment in many ways. But there are many other things also polluting the environment. So this is step one I think and to be associated with a brand and be able to influence anybody out there, even if it is one person or 10 people or 10000 or 10 lakh, I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to be able to do that. And going green today has somewhere become a cliché and you know the idea is to really set the air right and not just campaign about things. We got to keep taking action, things needs to be said. There are far worse things happening in the world, but it always begins like this. I was so happy to hear about the record breaking plantation in Andhra Pradesh even though there are major tree cutting everywhere, even in my city Mumbai. But it is nice to see somewhere we are taking care of these things and initiatives are being taken on the ground level so why not companies and corporations that are providing us machinery, in this case a car for our daily use.”