Sanjay Dutt whom  with love all calls Baba is celebrating his birthday day today. This Khalnayak of Bollywood will turn 58 year old. 

Sanjay Dutt who started his career with Rocky has played so many loveboy roles in his early career in moves like Sadak, Saajan he was more appropriated. But then after he shocked his fans by his new avatar as Khalnayak and Kaancha Cheena from Angneepath. 

This most loved actor by his fan has been through a lot in life in past some years. He was in jail under Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention ) Act,  but love of his fans never get affected by this time. 

Sajay Dutt’s fans love workers for him as Jaadu Ki Juppi of Munnabhai MBBS which gives him straight to fight every odd deals of life same way Sanjay Dutts movies does with his fans. 

Because of so much love he is getting from fans Sanjay Dutt gives special Birthday gift to his fans as his upcoming movie Bhoomi’s official poster.