With the upcoming animated movie; The Emoji Movie being around the corner to hit the theatres on 11th August, we thought of assigning the most famous and used emojis with famous Bollywood celebrities. Here’s a look at what the B-town emoji’s would look like if they would be casted in the movie.

1)      Shah Rukh Khan as the Cat Who Ate The Canary

Known for the famous smirk of his, no one could pull off this emoji better than him. Hence without any second thought Shah Rukh Khan gets the title of the Cat who ate the Canary emoji.

Alia Bhatt smiley

2)      Alia Bhatt As Winning Smiley Of School Girl

Who else could we choose except the ever smiling and chirpy Alia as the Winning Smiley of School Girl. Even the shape of their teeth is similar

Anushka Sharma Smiley

3)      Anushka Sharma For The Epic Wink

After that famous Instagram post of Anushka Sharma, there is no one in the industry who can imitate the Epic Wink emoji better than her. So the title for the Epic Wink Emoji goes to Anushka Sharma.

Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor smiley

4)      Ranveer Singh And Arjun Kapoor For Man-To-Man Love

Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor have never hesitated away to show the love they have for each other in public. The most relevant couple who resembles the Man-to-Man Love is this duo.

Ranbir Kapoor Smiley

5)      Ranbir Kapoor as The Winking Emoji

Making hearts melt with the wink of his, chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor is the ideal match for the Winking Emoji. We think that the emoji came into existence because of him.
The Emoji Movie co-stars James Corden, Steven Wright and Rob Riggle, along with Patrick Stewart who plays the Poop emoji.Directed by Tony Leondis and produced by Michelle Raimo, the film was scripted by Mike White and Eric Siegel.

‘The Emoji movie’ is all set to release in India on 11th August, 2017. It’s a Sony Pictures Entertainment India Release.