Akshay Kumar says,‘”If 1% people of India will built toilet after watching our film, its successful for us.”

Aksahy Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar who are not letting any chance go for promoting their film Toilet Ek Prem Katha which is love story with strong social message, is about to release tomorrow. Aksahy and team are not just looking for box office success only but they are more concerned about major problem of open defecation in India.

While giving interview to unsungbollywood.com, Akshay Kumar said that, “Before doing this film I was not aware that we have such huge number of people in India who go for open defecation, 55% of India does open defecation. Which is huge number and if 1% people get inspired by our film and build toilet in their area it will be big success for us. “
“While working on this film I got to know that because of this tradition of going to toilet in open women of villages have to walk 3 km away from their houses or villages that to in total blackout before sunrise. This is not just one problem they have to face. Some people with dirty mind take their video ‘Jab aurte apni saadi uppar karti hai’ to do toilet. And because of this rape cases are also increasing. Why do women have to face all these things? Why cannot we just build one toilet for their safety? “

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Aksahy Kumar who stays in Mumbai and has sea facing house has come across with this funny incident of open defecation. “One day I saw one guy doing Toilet in open near sea facing so I went out of the house and reach to that guy and asked Bhai mere government have built so many sauchalay for people who don’t have facility of toilets they why are you sitting here but after hearing his replay I thought what to do about this kind of people? ‘He said Sahab Toilet main jane ka maan nahi karta, waha maza nahi aata, yaha khulle main achcha lagta hai’. I was shocked with his statement and I felt like asking Maza nahi aata? Toilet hai woh koi maza leni ki jagah nahi yaha kya khule main chaand sitare dikhte hai? But I controlled myself and tried to explain to him what all health hazards it can create and left him alone. “

“Even government have also come across this type of incidents after building Toilets. 4% of Toilets not being used for what it is meant for but some people have opened laundry shop in it, some have given it on rental basis and some are using it for some other business purposes. Our film start with happiness, fun but at the end of it we talk serious matter and hope people to take it seriously. “

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Recently Aksahy Kumar has been seen in the movies like Air Lift, Jolly LLB 2 now Toilet Ek Prem Katha and upcoming film Pad Man is also dealing with social issues. Any special reason to do such type of films? Answering this question Akshay Kumar said, “It was not any plan to do such type of films only I like the subject so I’m doing it and not just this films I’m also doing typical commercial films like Rawdy Rathode, 2.0 also along with it. “

“My main reason behind doing this film is I feel sad and surprised when I see contradictions in people’s mentality. On one side they want their daughter-in-law, wife, should cover their faces with long Ghoonghat and on other side early morning woh apni bahu, betiyo se saadi aur skirt khule main uthwate hai? Main chahta hun ke hamari film dekhne ka baad jab bhi ladka kisi ke ghar pe ladki dekhne jaye usko who ladki puche aap ke ghar main Toilet hai? Agar hai to hi main shaadi karooungi muje meri self-respect bahot pyaari hai.”