Terribly Tiny Talkies collaborates with United Colors of Benetton to bring a heart-warming short, HIND based on a true story this Independence Day!

The film is based on a true story about Noorul Hasan, a devout Muslim from Lucknow, who lent a part of his home, and all his support thereafter, in rebuilding a temple.

Noorul Hasan is a quiet man who mostly keeps to himself. This short roughly shows a regular day in the life of this man.

The film is shot across the beautiful city of Lucknow – Hazratganj, Dada Miyan ki Mazhar, Shani Dev Mandir, Chowk, Imambada, Gomti Ghat, and random roads and bazaars of Lucknow.

Chintan Ruparel, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer shared his thoughts on this amazing short, The idea actually came when the three of us were jamming in office one day – Sharanya Rajgopal (Chief Writer and Creative Producer), Sumit Aroraa (Director) and me. We were freely exchanging ideas with each other when Sumit stumbled upon this news article. And the simplicity of his story struck us then and there. We thought an idea like this was asking to be made, and we only paid heed.

On the collaboration with United Colors of Benetton India, he further stated that, “The brief to do an Independence Day film actually came from our brand partners at Benetton India, who we’ve already done a bunch of films with in the past. We’re glad the brand came on board with this idea, because they added a lot to the narrative and the edit with their inputs. In that way, it was a truly collaborative effort.”

“Globally, they’re a very powerful brand that does some striking communication which aligns with our storytelling sensibilities, so we’ve been collaborating with each other since the past 3 years now. The best thing is, we’re not a typical agency but another brand in our own. So collaboration is exactly what happens. Best idea wins, simple.”

Speaking about the film, Mr Sundeep Chugh, CEO Benetton India Pvt. Ltd, said: “Benetton’s ethos has been to bring forward opposing social norms and emotions, and further uniting them with a clear message on humanity first. Benetton’s campaigns in India paints a similar picture in regards to the brand ideology while highlighting the social causes and knitting the diverse colors of India together.”

Talking about the beautiful message, TTT and Benetton want to share with the audience on this Independence Day through ‘Hind’ Chintan adds, “We’ve come a long way with rapid progress in technology, real estate boom, and the likes; but issues like religious tolerance still remain a big question mark, with fear and hatred taking center stage. A piece like this, hence, acts like a timely reminder of the fact that love and faith coexist with hatred and cynicism, just that nobody talks about them in equal measure. So, while mainstream media is quick to lap up negative news about religious differences and blow it up on primetime, here we are, trying to tell a relatively hidden true story which otherwise would never get the kind of importance or airtime it truly deserves.”

About Terribly Tiny Talkies:

Terribly Tiny Talkies is a storytelling collective which brings together distinctive and talented filmmakers from across the country to craft thematic short films. Each talkie is under fifteen minutes, and filmed around either a central keyword or idea. TTT endures to save the fading art of the narrative, one frame at a time. Terribly Tiny Talkies is part of Terribly Tiny Tales – India’s largest and most celebrated social storytelling platform. Till date, Terribly Tiny Talkies has 22 short films to its name. TTT had 5 of its films shortlisted at Jio Filmfare Awards, 2017 in their short film category and has also won awards at different national and International Festivals last year.

Here’s a list of the 22 short films which have been released by Terribly Tiny Talkies- RIP, EL’AYICHI, Deuce, Bunny, The Last Day, Mamta Tonic, L, Cheers, Arre Baba, Cuddly, Agli Baar, Bapu, One Day Mataram, One Faith, Life After, Dry Day, The Day After, Kheer, Khujli, Jai Mata Di, Aamad, and Rear View