Talk about style and no one can beat trendsetter Ranveer Singh! Always the one to reflect quirk and tons of cool quotient, the actor can pretty much rock everything with his stylish and well-kept crop of hair.

While most men undermine the importance of styling hair and still stick to old school hair habits, There is a reason why Ranveer Singh is the crackling star that he is! Experimentation has always been his forte, making all the old fashioned hair grooming techniques appear Oh-So-Passe!

Look closer and your realise why the star is considered the coolest fashion icon. Ditching old school hair grooming techniques, Ranveer believes in replacing the messy combo of water and comb on his hair with Set Wet hair gels, acing the rock star look!

So boys, whether it’s a casual outing, party or a suave corporate look, It’s not just your clothes but hair too that can make or break an impression. Time to replace temporary messy hair solutions and elevate your hair game with mane styled with Set Wet Gels that leave a sight, that’s hard to miss!

Well when it’s the leading male fashion icon of Bollywood redefining hair and grooming for you, it’s hard to breach the bro code, right boys!