All actors are usually very conscious of how they look in public, what they wear and if they are dressed appropriately for a certain event or occasion. But Parul Yadav defied convention when she chose to attend her dear friend Priyamani’s wedding wearing a leather jacket and denim.

Parul who made her debut on colors with show Bhagyavidhaata, We saw Parul uploading pictures of her partying at Priyamani’s Sangeet function and also doing workshops for her film Butterfly with Ramesh Aravind. She surely seems comfortable juggling personal and professional commitments and knows how to balance them well. Then what made her wear denims and Jacket to a wedding function?

“I have always tried to balance my personal and professional space and believe I have done a good job at it. But sometimes when things go wrong and you have to choose, I choose what is more important, and for me it’s my relationships. I did not want to miss my dear friend’s big day due to an outfit mishap and crazy schedules. Being there for her mattered more to me than looking good myself” said the thoughtful Parul who chose to be there for her friend at any cost.


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Kudos to this step taken by Parul Yadav and proving all of them wrong who believe that the friendships in the film industry are just on the surface. Parul, you go girl! You rocked the wedding in those denim’s and a Jacket.