Rajkumar Rao’s next film, Newton, talks about elections. The challenge of bringing an Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) for a particular scene was in front of the manufacturers. Newton is a government officer, who is determined to make uninterrupted elections in the struggling forests of Chhattisgarh.

While the producers could not bring real EVM machines for the film shoots. It was like creating the exact replica of these EVM machines for the producers. Film Newton’s Art Director, Angelica Monica Bhowmick, went to the office of the Mumbai Ministry. And they took information about the machines. And learned how to use it.

Angelica says, “During the shoot schedule, the production team met with the government officials of the ministry and go to the office two to three times to know how this machine is. We have learned the method of using this method first. Take some photos of them to make an accurate replica, and we made 15 replicas of the EVM machine. “

RajKummar Rao as Newton
RajKummar Rao as Newton

Director Amit Masurkar says, “We were not allowed to use the real EVM machine. So the production designer Angelica Monica went to the office of the District collector. And they took measurements of the real machine and pictures. And then the machines they made were such an exact replica, that the volunteers of the election to help us shoot the film felt that we were using real EVM machines. “

Eros International and Anand L. Roy are co-written and guided by the new film Amit V. Masurkar, produced by Color Yellow Production in collaboration with the visual production. The film will be released in theaters on September 22.