After making film ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala,’ based on gangster ‘Maya Dolas’ whom police shot down during firing in public place, now Apoorva Lakhia is again bringing back another gangster connection story in his upcoming film ‘Haseena Parkar’.

Haseena Parkar was sister of Dawood Ibrahim. Being sister of such international terrorist she had gone through a lot and that’s all about ‘Haseena Parkar’.

Why film on Haseena Parker?  This was the question of every mind and Apoorva answered it saying, “My writer approached me with film story around Dawood Ibrahim but we have so much talked and shown about him in our movies I said this is subject done to death but still I went on research for same. During research work I met Haseena Parkar to know more about Dawood but when she told me how they grew up together and how her own struggle started after Mumbai blast for being sister of Dawood, I got more interested in making film on her life.

“When I told her that I wanted to make film on your life journey she was little sceptical about it. I told Sameer Antule if you want me to direct film I will only make on Haseena Parkar. Sameer went to meet Haseena Parkar again and I don’t know what magic he did but she got ready and gave us permission to make film on her life. We were with her and her family almost for one or one and half year to write our film story based on her life’s incidents.”


His earlier film was based on Gangster Maya Dolas and now connecting to Dawood and like you many other producer directors also making movies on gangster’s life why Bollywood is glorifying gangsters why more films are in making on gangster’s life? “In my movies I don’t believe or do glorify gangsters even you must have seen promos of Haseena Parkar in that also you will see only a story which we want to say and not praising of anybody, we have made our film that way only. I am not glorifying any gangsters by my films, it’s just that writers – producers do feel that I can handle such subject well and maybe that’s why they are coming to me with film subject based on gangster’s life.”


While answering question of how difficult to make film based on live person, Apoorva says, “ It is really very much difficult to make film on live person as its need lots of research done so you don’t go wrong factually, while making Haseena Parkar also we kept that it mind. About Haseena we got details from her, her relatives and neighbourhood but we have to show other side too. So we approached Mumbai Police got all FIR of cases register on her in 1979.  Even we met lady inspector who has interrogated har after Mumbai Blast who is Jailer now.  We have showed all FIR of 88 case filed against her in the end of movie.

“Her husband got shot by 17 bullets her elder son was also died in car accident which all together inspired me as maker to tell her story and being in democratic country like India we have some benefits like freedom of express which can also turn into drawback if someone don’t like my thinking process for making film on such kind of personality,” Apoorva said.

Apoorva Lakhia met Haseena Parker quite a few time for making film on her life journey and talking about Haseena Parker as person, he said, ” Haseena was having very good personality, she used to stared a lot, and spoke freely. Many of her things are worn in the movie by Sharddha.

Directed by Apoorva Lakhia’s Haseena Parkar stars Shraddha Kapoor, Siddhanth Kapoor and Ankur Bhatia. Produced by Nahid Khan with Swiss entertainment and co-produced by Sameer Antulay and Babu Tyagi, the film is set to release on 22nd September 2017.