Seen in his recent role of Ibrahim Parkar, Ankur has been receiving a lot of praises from the industry for his impeccable performance in the movie.

Ankur plays the role of Haseena’s husband Ibrahim Parkar in the movie. Ankur’s chemistry with Shraddha Kapoor will totally melt your heart, says Book my show.

Ankur has previously been seen in Zanjeer and Sarbjit and undoubtedly has grown in his experience with this movie. Even though Ankur was not the lead in the movie, he was stated as an actor to watch out for in this film.

Ankur has given his heart and soul top his character of Ibrahim Parkar and that was seen with extreme clarity. He and Shraddha’s Haseena together deliver some of the best moments in the film.

Ankur Bhatia in Haseena Parkar
Ankur Bhatia in Haseena Parkar

Ankur Bhatia, has always given us some good moments and connected with the character with the roles he has done so far. It would be interesting to see what the actor would be portraying on the big screen next.