After a log time controversy of Kangna Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan relationship, Hrithik breaks his silence by writing open letter on his social media handle.

In this open letter Hrithik said” I have been dragged into a dirty perverse mess without choice in the matter. This is something that is not of my making.”

“I am in fact protecting myself from something far more serious, sensitive and destructive then that. ”

“I have been harnessed by this for 4 years and the well meaning and probably necessary social bias towards women has deemed me helpless in the defending myself.”


Hrithik Roshan had filed complaint that he was being “chased and hounded” by Kangana.

Hrithik Roshan has mentioned same details of legal proceeding that they have went thought which Rakesh Roshan shared in his interview with DNA

Rakesh Roshan said in his interview,  “We are not loose talkers. We don’t believe in making wild unsubstantiated accusations. We have submitted our complaint with all the proof.”

He claimed that people would be “shocked” by the facts. “We gave our side of the truth to the cyber crime branch on April 8, 2017. We submitted all the authentic, relevant documents with all the emails and electronic gadgets. It’s now up to the authorities to decide who’s telling the truth. We’ve always believed in the power of the truth. I was taught to be honest by my father (legendary music composer Roshan) and I’ve taught Hrithik the same. In this matter, the truth will be out soon.”

The complaint was filed by Hrithik’s counsel, Mahesh Jethmalani, to Joint Commissioner of Crime Department, Mumbai Police. The actor also deposited all his phones and laptops with the police. The complaint alleges that Kangana was constantly pursuing Hrithik and he was ‘repulsed but out of decency ignored those mails’. He also claimed she sent him ‘sexually explicit’ emails.

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Hrithik open letter pg 2
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Hrithik open letter pg 3