Deepika Padukone recently won an award for marking 20 M followers on Instagram. The actress shared her milestone achievement by posting a picture of her happily holding her award.

To the fact that she is the most followed Asian Woman, Deepika has continued to amass a huge fan following ever since her Bollywood debut.

Showing her excitement, Deepika took to her Instagram sharing,

Deepika enjoys a humongous fan following across the globe, a proof of which is seen on her social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The fan following is not just limited to the followers, many fan clubs have emerged in past few years who actively talk about the wonderful actress.

Deepika Padukone is currently is being largely hailed for her powerful delivery of Padmavati, which is exhibited in the stills of the film. Deepika, known to emote and express through her expressions, hold the audience’s fascination in the stunning posters of the film.

Being regarded as poetry in motion is Deepika’s Ghoomar song, that has been winning audience across quarters