Ace Director and Producer Vikram Bhatt is all set to produce a new web-series for his channel VB on the Web. VB On The Web is Indian filmmaker Vikram Bhatt’s official web channel. The channel hosts filmmaker’s original content in the form of web series across different genres. The previous series from this platform like Twisted, Maaya and others have been well appreciated by the audience.

The team is coming up with a new web series titled ‘Tantra’ starring Aditi Arya, Vidur Anand, Salina Prakash, Karim Hajee and Sandeep Bharadwaj playing the central characters in this web-weekender. ‘Tantra’ is a unique battle of a family feud and corporate politics played on the battleground of black magic. A game that is already this dirty is sullied further when everything is put on the board, murder, death, betrayal, deceit and above all trust.

This web series will be produced under Vikram Bhatt’s own banner LoneRanger Productions Pvt. Ltd., and the digital project will have an ensemble cast comprising of certain veteran actors. The story of this web series is written by Vikram Bhatt himself and directed by Sidhant Sachdev.

Vikram Bhatt
Vikram Bhatt

Speaking about this new series the director said, “I am excited to be working on my 4th web series with Vikram Sir and to direct an ensemble cast against the background of a story that revolves around Blackmagic. Tantra, written by Vikram Sir, will keep the audience intrigued asking for more. It is a genre he deals best with.”

The writer and producer Vikram Bhatt added “Tantra is the first tri-weekly series on air across all platforms. The series is being directed by, SidhantSachdev. Sid is young & enthusiastic in his approach and has worked on three of our web series earlier viz. Hadh, Gehraiyaan and Spotlight-2.He has a knack for telling the story through its treatment. Tantra has a bunch of talented actors like Aditi Arya, an ex-miss India, playing the central character, VidurAnand is the male lead, while SalenaPrakash, Karim Hajee and Sandeep Bharadwaj are playing pivotal roles in this 48 episode series. As the story unravels, it will keep the audience glued to our youtube channel.”