Game Over… story of a Con Girl – Bold & Beautiful, Smart & Intelligent; but that’s not enough to play the Game of Life – Game of Gamble. Sometimes, Game’s Master Planner becomes Victim of the Game. She played the game. But now game is playing with her. Her every step in the game leads her to a mystery where every question turns in to puzzle; her every efforts to get rid of the game opens the door of next game. On every step to finish the game takes her to the next level. To do the Game Over is a challenge and who will do it is a puzzle.

Gurleen Chopra is the new “Serial Kisser” of Bollywood with 21 kisses in first Bold Bollywood Debut and 115 re-takes!

Gurleen Chopra
Gurleen Chopra

Actress Gurleen Chopra who is known for her roles in Telugu, Tamil, Marathi and Punjabi films, is all set to show her bolder and hotter side in the film. The censor board has reportedly asked the filmmakers to edit few scenes from the movie but has kept a lot of lip lock scenes as they are an integral part of the narrative and take the story forward. The Debutant Producer Director Paresh Savani feels it is important to get indulged into this kind of convincing tactics, to make it realistic and to make the audience believe as there is a very thin line between vulgarity, nudity and boldness.

Veteran actors Rajesh Sharma and Rakesh Bedi who too have indulged in sensual acts on screen both admitted that Gurleen really surprised them with her professionalism and hard work being a new comer in Bollywood but at the same time, left them exhausted as Director Paresh Savani would only “OK” the take, once he received the “Perfect Kiss Shot”.

When asked Gurleen Chopra about her erotic encounter with actors, she admited “It’s really tough for an actress like me who always been portrayed in simple and sober avtaar. Being Sanaaya Savitri in GameOver was big challenge for me as character of Sanaaya is bold in all the aspects, viz styling, look, costume and specially dialogues. This challenge became more interesting when story comes to a twist and I had erotic encounter with 2 seasoned actors Rajesh Sharma & Rakesh Bedi and 4 new talents in the film. Sometimes, it became so challenging to perform romantic scenes in front of so many people and yes… we went for more than 100+ retakes in kissing & erotic scenes”.

Cast: Rajesh Sharma, Yashpal Sharma, Gurleen Chopra, Rakesh Bedi, Umesh Bajpai, Prasad Shikhre, Arham Abbasi, Zeeshan Khan, Ali Mughal, Falguni Rajani, Sagar Kale, Tetiana Kharkevych & Praveshika Chouhan