With 2018 just starting, it is not too late to plan fitness goals for the year. To specially plan our goals, fitness advice from one of the sexiest actresses in Bollywood is coming straight from LA. These latest photographs from star Mallika Sherawat have been giving us major fitness goals, especially since they hit so close to home.

Mallika Sherawat - One legged king pigeon pose
Mallika Sherawat – One legged king pigeon pose

Actor Mallika Sherawat, who is currently in LA, has put up photos of her practicing yogasanas in her home. The photos show off her lean and toned body and she sizzles even in comfortable clothes and no make-up. Fitness is something many of us completely ignore until it is too late. Bollywood is no exception to that, with many celebrities jumping on the fitness bandwagon late. Mallika Sherawat has always put fitness before anything else and her consistent practice of yoga shows in her photos.

Mallika Sherawat -Tip Toe posé
Mallika Sherawat -Tip Toe posé

Mallika says, “I’m not a big fan of long drawn or crash diets. I’ve been a student of yoga for many years and that is my go-to for fitness as well. There are so many asanas that work harder on the body and tone it. Yoga is wholesome and regular practice will definitely help in controlling weight and improving overall fitness. Yoga is the best practice for fitness.”

Mallika Sherawat - Chakrasana
Mallika Sherawat – Chakrasana

Mallika’s photos show her in a variety of yogasanas. Some of them are an intense backend, called the chakrasana. This helps give flexibility to the spine and tones the core. The second sees her in Eka Pada Rajakapotasana or the one-legged king pigeon pose. This asana stretches all the abdomen, thigh, shoulder and neck muscles. The vrikshasana helps impart balance and tones the foot muscles. The Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana tones all muscle groups of the legs and ankles, which ensures the muscles are supple.

2018 can be a year of transformation and Mallika’s photos throw renewed attention to traditional Indian practices like yoga, which can be used for an exhaustive full body workout. Now that’s called setting a trend.