Allah Duhai Hain, originally composed by Pritam, has been constant in the franchise of Race and is the biggest attraction of the series. Now, the makers of Race 3 have released the new version of the song, composed by Tushar Joshi. Interestingly the new composer is part of JAM8, which is an A and R company of music maestro Pritam.

Tushar started working with JAM8 as a singer for a break and became the voice of Jagga and then he started composing and has come out in the limelight through composition he has done for Race 3.

Speaking about his composition, he says, “The original track was composed by dada but this track is completely different and is fully my vision. Since the release of the song, it has got 46 million views in less then 24 hours. I am very happy with the outcome.”

Speaking about JAM8, he says, “The mentorship JAM8 provides and the way it nurtures it definitely brings best out of one. It provides creative freedom and chance for young talented musicians to showcase their work on such a large scale.”

Vijay Subramaniam, co-CEO and co-founder of Kwan, partners in Pritam’s JAM8 venture, says, “We are very happy to launch Tushar as composer, it’s a landmark for JAM8 to compose for a film like Race 3. The premise of JAM8 was always to give young aspiring musicians a platform and with initiatives like this we feel we are on track with our goals.”