Almost six months after the release of Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Padmaavat’, fans of the actress crowded a theatre in Mumbai to catch a show of the magnum opus Padmaavat.

Fans of Bollywood’s leading lady took to Twitter to pour their love on the actress for her award-winning performance in the period drama Padmaavat.

Deepika Padukone fans at Mumbai theatre
Deepika Padukone fans at Mumbai theatre

A fan club posted pictures from the theater showcasing fans with tickets waiting to catch the show of Padmaavat once again for Deepika Padukone. The tweet said, “First Fans 😍
Watching Padmaavat again
Fans Screening
Fans from across get together to experience this magnum opus just for @deepikapadukone ❤️”.

Overwhelmed by the tremendous love showered on the actress, Deepika Padukone replied to a fan club saying, “this is immensely special!thank you so much for all the love!!! 💕💕💕”.

Earlier, during the release of the magnum opus, theaters witnessed a fan frenzy across the nation wherein fans watched the first show of Deepika Padukone’s film posting the same on Twitter. A unique fan club named Dp1stDay1stShow emerged at the release of the film, even six months later, the fan club continues to shower their love on their favourite actress.

Matching up to not just the unimaginable beauty but also the courage and valor of Rani Padmini, Deepika Padukone has more than justified why she was the perfect choice for the role.

Deepika Padukone fans at Mumbai theatre
Deepika Padukone fans at Mumbai theatre

Reviews talked about how she nailed the act and expressed different emotions with just her eyes. The reviews further speak about the acting prowess of Deepika Padukone, making Padmaavat one of her best performances to date.

Termed as the Queen of 100 crores club, Deepika Padukone holds the most number of 7 100 crores films, while her recent outing Padmavat clocking 300 crores at the box office. With this Deepika was titled the first actress to have entered the 300 crore club with a woman led film.

Deepika commands the title of being of being the most commercially viable actress in the industry, in addition to being the highest paid actress.