MN+, the gold class of Hollywood movies associated with Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroop 2 for Season 3 of Pathbreakers. Starting August 06, ‘Pathbreakers’, a compilation of critically acclaimed and genre-defining cinema that broke stereotypes and pioneered change will showcase 50 Hollywood pathbreaking movies over 50 days. Through a special integration with Vishwaroop 2, Kamal Haasan has extended his support for this special property that aims to bring good cinema to its viewers.

Kamal Haasan - Pathbreakers Season 3
Kamal Haasan – Pathbreakers Season 3

In an exclusive chat with MN+, Kamal Haasan talks about his favourite pathbreaking movies, directors and film characters that inspired his film journey through a glorious career spanning more than 6 decades.

Talking about his Hollywood influences, Kamal Haasan says, “(Marlon) Brando, is an important influence along with many British as well as American directors including the modern ones like Alan Parker & (Stanley) Kubrick. It’s almost like when you find a director on your own and then he becomes a great director, you become very parental towards the person. You feel proud to see your son grow, however old he is, it doesn’t matter. Kieślowski became a legend after (Ingmar) Bergman, lhowever I was most drawn to his work after watching his film ‘Camera Buff’. Kieślowski is a master according to me. Another film is Alan parker’s ‘The Wall’. It is something that hit me so strongly. Then there is Ridley Scott’s first film, called The Duellists. It was his first film and I thought, there is a very great director in the making and it proved right and I feel like a father to him. He’s probably older than me, but it doesn’t matter.”

Sharing his thoughts on the Hollywood path-breaking films that inspired him, Kamal Haasan says, “The one that gives me goosebumps is ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ of Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone. It was very instrumental for us to get inspired to make ‘Nayakan’. Leone set a trend that many ad filmmakers followed afterwards, and Morricone’s music lives at least for four generations now. There are so many things, especially the casting, that made ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ astounding. You don’t have to explain with dialogues. You just see the characters and you know who’s grown up into what.”

“Once Upon a Time in America” will be aired on MN+ in the third season of ‘Pathbreakers’. As part of the property, the channel will air critically acclaimed movies like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Unbreakable, The Dark Knight, Casino, August Rush, The Great Gatsby, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, The Negotiator, L.A. Confidential, Heat among others.

Get ready to watch pathbreaking movies starting from 6th August every Monday – Friday at 9 p.m. only on MN+

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