Actor Mishal Raheja is currently riding high on the success of his comeback show Kumkum Bhagya consistently topping the TRP charts. While Mishal’s enjoying the adulation of his fans, we asked him on his fan boy moment.

The actor and singer who got his Hollywood ticket last year with a worldwide music single release shot in LA, he quickly recalled the time he went to extreme lengths to meet Tom Cruise, ‘A couple of years have passed by and  I still can’t feel any less embarrassed then I felt then. This was back when Tom Cruise was visiting Mumbai to attend the premier of Mission Impossible 4. The event management company had entrusted my luxury car rental service company ( Party Hard Drivers) with the task to take care of the delegation. We had about 32 BMWs and 32 drivers. I’m a huge fan so I figured the car listed for Tom and I took the driver’s seat. However, the other owners advised me against it so I had to let go.’

Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol
Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol

But Mishal finally had his way, he shares, ‘Later while we were dropping them back to the Airport, I got to chat with him for about 15-20 minutes. It felt awesome. I almost forgot who I was, I was just a fan back there chatting away telling him how cool he was and pictures. Maybe it was silly of me but it sure was fun.’