Omung Kumar who is currently busy directing his next film ‘PM Narendra Modi’ across Gujarat has been working on his Gujarati while on location and interacting with the locals.


Sources from the set say, “Omung has been in Gujarat for close to two months – first for the recce and now for the shoot. During this time, the director who is adept at picking up languages has managed to learn quite a few words and can understand basic conversations in Gujarati. In fact it has helped Omung in understanding the nuances of many of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches.”

The source adds, “In between shots, the filmmaker would sit with the crew members and understand the dialect and nuances of the language and would then try and speak in Gujarati with the film’s crew and locals around.”

Omung who has been known for directing some of the best biopics in recent times is directing one of the most highly anticipated biopics of 2019 titled ‘PM Narendra Modi’. The biopic will traverse the journey of Narendra Damodar Modi from his humble beginnings to his years as Chief Minister onto his landmark win at the 2014 election and finally being nominated as the Prime Minister of India.

Directed by Omung Kumar and produced by Sandip Ssingh, this much-anticipated biopic comprising an ensemble cast has versatile actor Vivekanand Oberoi in and as ‘PM Narendra Modi’.