Alexx O’Nell, Bob Wilson of Aarya, is not just a good actor but also a very good singer. His ‘Bhagavad Gita Song’ from Aarya is loved by everyone. Last month, Alexx O’Nell released his 3rd single video song called ‘Twenty Days’ which is also stealing people’s heart.

‘Twenty Days’ was released on 2nd of April on Alexx O’Nell’s official YouTube Channel ‘Alexx ONell Music’ and all other major Indian and International music platforms.

Talking about ‘Twenty Days’, Alexx O’Nell said, “Of all my music, I think Twenty Days is probably the closest to my heart, and I am sincerely overjoyed that in this difficult time, it has touched the hearts of many of the people who have heard and seen it. This is my second (and final) video featuring the always-stunning Shama Sikander which has meant its gotten a lot of attention in India. And it is the first to be released with my new Paris-based distributor which means that through platforms like Tidal, Deezer, Pandora in addition to major Indian and international platforms like Spotify, it has been gaining traction in France and England, my native Netherlands and the US, and of course, India. “

Alexx O’Nell

Alexx O’Nell loves to reply to each and every comment that is left on the video, and as with reviews of his acting, he welcomes constructive criticism as much as appreciation.

While sharing about the response of ‘Twenty Days’, Alexx said, “So, by sheer numbers, the response to Twenty Days has been good. Based on the comments and messages it’s been excellent. And in terms of overall satisfaction, Its been a turning point for me. I spent most of the first lockdown educating myself on all the various things an independent musician needs to know and do in order to properly see a song through from composition to release and everything in between. After making so many mistakes with Still On My Mind and A Bhagavad Gita Song, I feel like Twenty Days is the release that has finally put me on the right track in my music career.”

Alexx O’Nell

After a courtship of four years Shama Sikander and Alexx O’Nell spoke about their differences to each other like two mature people and decided to part ways but remain friends.

We told Alexx that we feel Twenty Days is not just a song but it’s what his heart and mind is speaking out. Does the song represent his and Shama Sikander’s relationship? Alexx O’Nell said, “That’s an astute observation – and I love the way you phrased it. My songs are indeed my heart and mind (and soul) speaking through Music. While Twenty Days is not about Shama, it, and all of my music, is absolutely rooted in my personal experiences. So yes, in Twenty Days I’m singing about someone – I’m just not quite comfortable revealing who, because I don’t think it would be fair to her. But yes, in it I’m waiting for the girl I was in love with at the time, returning in 20 days, after nearly a year away and I’m playing out the ways in which I could handle that situation. On the one hand I could keep my mouth shut and hang onto the friendship, or, I could tell her how I feel and risk losing everything in hopes of us being together once again. Its a song full of indecision and uncertainty, but also a ray of hope: when she comes, shell light the depths of my heart with her smile.”

Alexx O’Nell

Alexx O’Nell was seen as Bob Wilson in Aarya and his Bhagavad Gita song was like the soul of Aarya. Talking about the song, Alexx said, ” It’s very insightful for you to recognise that the Bhagavad Gita Song was like the soul of Aarya. I think grounding the series in something so significant gave it extraordinary depth, and of course, that depth was brought to the forefront most notably by my character Bob Wilson, and given a voice by his adaptation of The Shrimad Bhagavad Gita to music.”

“I will be eternally grateful to Ram Madhvani for trusting those beautiful Sanskrit Shlokas, and their timeless and universal teachings, to Bob Wilson. And in turn, for trusting me to portray him. Of course, I remain deeply indebted to Vishal Khuranna as well for his stunning music. To be clear, I did not compose the music Bob sings at the climax of Aarya, but I did compose and sing my subsequent single, inspired by my work in Aarya, entitled  A Bhagavad Gita Song that uses the same Sanskrit Shlokas but in my own acoustic folk rock musical style. The song featuring Delraaz Bunshah and Debarpito Saha is on YouTube/AlexxONellMusic and is available on all streaming platforms worldwide,” he added.

Alexx has released his three singles Still On My Mind, A Bhagavad Gita Song, and Twenty Days. Bhagwad Gita is the only Sanskrit song and the other two are sung in English.

When we asked him if anything like A Bhagavad Gita Song coming up, Alexx O’Nell said, “A Bhagavad Gita Song was unique for me in many ways. Most notably, It was the first song I composed utilizing lyrics that I didn’t write, the first song that I released professionally that isn’t in English, and the first time that I recorded the audio (at least my portions) all on my own. The Sanskrit verses that featured in the song I had learned specifically for Aarya, and honestly I don’t think I would have ever put in the time or effort required to properly pronounce, let alone memorize, such difficult Shlokas unless it had been required for the series. So unfortunately, this may be my first and only song in this beautiful language. However, while my Hindi is not good enough to compose lyrics, with the new found realisation that I have the ability to do so, I have been experimenting with incorporating existing Hindi poetry into my own music. Making music in Hindi is something that I have been asked to do, and its something I really really want to do, and now, after the way A Bhagavad Gita Song was appreciated, I have the confidence to give it a shot. Let’s see, I hope I will have something that I can share with you soon.”

Alexx O’Nell’s all three singles ‘Still On My Mind’, ‘A Bhagavad Gita Song’, and ‘Twenty Day’ are on YouTube/AlexxONellMusic and their audio is available on virtually every streaming platform in 240 territories worldwide.