Producer and Director Kumar Raj is on a roll, winning non-stop awards for his film ‘Tara: the journey of love and passion’, holding the 227th award this year at the International Film Festival Kalakari held in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. ‘Tara’ has become one of the most critically acclaimed films by receiving its world record breaker 227th award and has received 326th official international film festival selection. Along with this ‘Tara’ has also got the honour to be kept in New York Film academy Library.

The film features a melodious song in the voice of famous singer Madhushree. ‘Tara’ is written by Dr. Prof. Kishen Pawar. The lead actress of the film is Rekha Rana (recipient of 40 international awards) along with an amazing cast that includes talented artists like Aashish Salim and Rohan Shroff.

“I am very happy with such grandeur performance of Tara at various film festivals all over the globe. The festival director and the jury appreciated the film’s motive of women empowerment a lot and they also mentioned powerful acting skills of our lead actress Rekha Rana. I am really honoured to win this award and really proud of this film and it’s team.” said the producer and director of the film Kumar Raj with immense pride.

TARA -The Journey of Love and Passion Poster

Speaking about his upcoming film, Kumar Raj says, “Corona has introduced a lot of changes in our lives but it cannot stop the creative thinking of an artist. This crisis cannot stop creativity. My upcoming film ‘Yahaan Ameena Bikti Hai’ will be ready for the release by the end of the year.”

‘Kalakari’ organization is a non-profit institute which receives films from all around the world including India, U.K., U.S.A., Italy, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Singapore etc. with more than 1400 films nominations. The ultimate aim of this film festival is to encourage Indian artists for International standards. The two-day international film festival was convened by Rakesh Nikam in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh.

Stay tuned to find out more announcements about soon to be released film, ‘Yaha Ameena Bikte Hai.’