Acclaimed painter MF Husain considered Amrita Rao his muse and had painted her live, post the release of Vivaah. On the occasion of his 106th birth anniversary today, the actress revisits a memory associated with the painter. Amrita shares that she received a gift from the painter which she considers her priced possession. He gifted her his paintbrush which he specially imported from Paris and used it as his signature walking stick. While presenting his signature brush, he said, ‘Remember only 3 people in the world own it.’

Remembering the painter, Amrita recalls, “I discovered that Hussain Sahab was very good at his “self-portraits” which is so rare. Before he started painting me, I told him I wish the theme of the painting to be “The Painter and his Muse” sure enough if you see the painting, there is a painting within the painting. Every girl dreams of being painted by a painter, I am so honored and blessed to be immortalized by none other than the legend M.F Hussain himself on his canvas.”