TV sensational actor Shagun Pandey and Aalisha Panwar’s musical short film ‘Blind Love 2’ has crossed a majestic 2 million views on the FNP Media YouTube channel. The makers are cherishing the moment as it has showcased the wonderous fan following. Director Prradip Khairwar treated his audience with not just prequel but also sequel as they received a roaring response from the fans. The multi-talented director depicted in the film has gradually and successfully made its way to every locker room.

Aalisha Panwar

Actress Aalisha Panwar shares her excitement on the same. “Blind Love 2 is made with utmost love by the whole team, as this was highly demanded by the audience. The viewers were curious to know the further story after the demise of Rohan, how Niana’s life took a turn. It was a complete emotional journey for Naina as she gets her sight back. First part made a huge impact not only on the audience but the crew behind it too. It was made after knowing the huge demand by the admirers, and we couldn’t stop from filming the second part as well. We shot Blind Love 1 during the first lockdown and then in the next lockdown we began shooting for the second part. The whole cast and crew are more likely a family. I’m glad to be a part of this mesmerizing project.”

Shagun Pandey says “It is overwhelming to receive such an astounding response to my short film Blind Love 2. I want to do an interesting project that the audience can enjoy. Such love from the fans keeps me going and motivating me to do better.”

Producer Vikaas Gutgutia says “We are thrilled to share that FNP Media’s production Blind Love 2 crosses 2 Million views in less than 6 days. The short film is a beautiful directorial by Prradip Khairwar and is all about raw emotions to do with love, longing and loss. It’s a great motivation for us that the film high on emotions is well received by our audience. I would like to congratulate the entire cast and crew of the film, who truly believes that hard work always pays”.

Director Prradip Khairwar says, “It’s been an overwhelming experience to witness such a huge response from the audience! It is incredible to be showered with so much love and admiration. These days, YouTube is one of the most popular OTT platforms.And the audience is broad; individuals have different interests, and they want entertainment on the move, which YouTube delivers. As a result, we considered producing something that would meet the demands of the audience. Tash M’s music is a feel-good experience to plunge into a tune that is both beautiful and gratifying. I must add that cinematographer Shanu Singh Rajput poured his heart and soul into the film’s creation. We are gaining more praise from the audience as a result of all of our hard work, which is really tremendous.”

‘Blind Love 2’ short film is available on FNP Media YouTube channel.