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The B-Town You Did Not Know About

About Us

Unsung Bollywood is an Entertainment site covering all aspects of showbiz with a special focus on the silent heroes of the field, who work behind the scenes who make the stars what they are.

We see Bollywood and Television Industry not only just as a glamour word but as a works place where all kinds of personnel work with their different ideologies, but with a common aim of achieving great heights.

Unsung Bollywood will talk about their unexplored work and the magic they created with the same. In addition, it will also deal with the latest happenings in Bollywood, featuring celeb interviews and trending stories.

About the Editor-in-Chief: Kajal Gohil Wilben is Journalist with over 9 years’ experience in Print, Broadcast & Online Media. She has been associated with big media firms like Divya Bhaskar, Hill Road Media, E 24 and Mid-Day. A renowned Bollywood Reporter, who share good rapport with Bollywood stars, the website is her way of viewing Bollywood.

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