Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo, who is most popular for his onscreen character the Hulk, will be seen reprising the role of Bruce Banner/the Hulk in the Taika Waititi’s directorial, Thor: Ragnarok.

When asked in a recent interview about making a debut in Bollywood, he admitted that he would love to be a part of the Hindi film industry however he said that there would be a slight problem. He confessed that he cannot sing and dance but he can do performance-oriented roles in Bollywood.

When asked if the perception of Bollywood cinema being only about song and dance has changed, Ruffalo said, “I saw a cool Bollywood film… A tough guy thing where there are rival gangs…’Scarface’ characters… more like gangster character. I look forward to seeing what more Indian cinema can come up with.”

But would he like to be a part of one? “Why not? I can’t sing and dance very well, but I can do some of the straight roles,” he said.

When asked about what’s going to be exciting in the movie he said, “Thor: Ragnarok” will see the characters Thor and Hulk battling for the first time. Ruffalo says he has been waiting for this for the past six years. It was great to smash him (Thor). I have been waiting for six years to smash him… It was really fun. People always want to see Thor and Hulk fight and I’ve got to do it in this one.”

Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok will hit theaters on 3rd November in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu in IMAX, 3D, 4DX and 2D formats.