Yunan (Uday Singh) AKA Uday Sachdeva is an Indian dancer and singer. He is known for show MTV Splitsvilla Season 12 and DID Little Master (2012). Having being launched by Raftaar, he considers the rapper his mentor. Currently, Yunan’s song Slay is topping the charts with 5 million hits and counting more.

How are you enjoying the success of your new song ‘Slay’ and with whom you would like to celebrate its success?

Glad to see the amazing response on Slay and tapping into 5 million on the song is a big feat for an upcoming artist like me. I feel so blessed that my family and my friends are appreciative of steady success on the charts. I’m celebrating the success with my fans, the team at Sony Music India and Kalamkaar. I plan to spend more time in the studio now and put out new music so I can create a more robust organic fanbase like my idol, Raftaar.

Yunan with Krissann Barretto in Slay

Tell us about your favourite moments from Slay

It was fun shooting for this song as I enjoy dancing and Krissann B was a great companion on this track. My favourite moment was curating the hook step for the song along with Ruel Dausan Varindani and jamming with Raftaar and Deep Kalsi at wee hours of the night over FaceTime in connection with the lyrics and composition of the track.


 From DID to Splitsvilla and now singing, how would you describe your journey?

My journey has been like a roller coaster ride, full of highs and lows, but the journey has been quite insightful and fulfilling. As a creative artist my job is to experiment and learn to cope with the struggles and also celebrate the success.

Of course, if I get the right opportunity, I’ll consider it as I’m an entertainer and I feel I was born to become a star. As long as the script is exciting and blends well with my innate persona, I’m totally game.


Is there something else you are crazy about apart from dancing, singing, composing songs?

What are more things you would want to explore in future? I love to learn and experiment and I’m always up for a new challenge. I have been learning how to skateboard and play football in my free time since the outbreak of the pandemic as a hobby. I’d like to learn newer forms of professional dance so I could incorporate it in my music videos in the future.

Yunan with Raftaar

How much does Raftaar mean to you? What is your relationship with him?

He’s just not my mentor but a brother and a friend too. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today if it was not for his guidance and mentorship. Our relationship is ever evolving. In one word he is my god!

Till date you have come up with singles, any plans for a full music album in future? What’s in the pipeline?

Yes, I am working on it but fans will get a chance to listen to my EP which will be out at the end of this year and serve as a curtain raiser to my full-fledged album which will be released next year.


One take away from your journey so far? 

Never shy away from being authentic and true to your core. Be humble and stay consistent. Learn to apologise when you’re wrong and rise like a phoenix after a fall.