Pragya Kapoor has been one of the very few film producers who have been so very passionate about the environment. A leading force from the Indian climate conservation circle, Pragya has always been doing her level best to ensure the betterment of nature and the environment as a whole. Her ardent work towards environmental safeguarding has led to a positive transformation among people.

Pragya Kapoor has been vocal all her life about the numerous ways how we can protect and conserve the environment. Her NGO, Ek Saath – The Earth Foundation, works towards making the country more sustainable and conscious by undertaking initiatives such as waste collection, sanitation, beach restoration, and many others. During the Covid wave, the foundation tried and helped out people by providing support to over 5500 families in Mumbai.

Pragya Kapoor’s investment and association with Brown Living India resonates with her personal values of ensuring a plastic-free marketplace. These initiatives show how much she is devoted to the protection of nature and ensuring that our grandchildren’s grandchildren also enjoy a carbon-neutral future.