​Isha Sharmaa, the actress who made her mark with her outstanding performance in Jamai Raja followed by her phenomenal performance of Zara in Vikram Bhatt’s critically acclaimed Twisted. Here are some fashion & style tips from her:

1- What are you currently busy with? – ​Have 2 shows but choosing which one I wanna go ahead with.

​​2-Fashion to you is… ​  Comfort and confidence

3- One word that describes you best – spontaneous

4- Describe your personality – Out going happy go lucky and passionate

5-How would you describe your sense of style? ​- Style for me is mood. I feel the what I feel and I style accordingly. But in sense I would describe it as A white T with a blue pairs of denim.

6-What makes you feel sexy? – ​The people around me, Its about having the right circle around to make you feel sexy.

7- Five essentials of a woman’s wardrobe A black dress, A blue pair of denims, A white T-shirt, A spring dress and a boyfriend jacket :)​

8-Three things you never leave home without-  kajal, phone, wallet

9-Once priceless possession you’ll never want to give away …. – ​My mom’s necklace that she gifted me. ​

10-What would be your ideal outfit for –  A fun party – shorts crop top, A formal work setting – well fitted trousers and shirt, A casual day out with friends- Sun dress, A hot date- short dress may be backless

11-Your shopping strategy – ​To shop what I need cause I can always mix and match and create new stuff always

12- One valuable beauty tip for women- ​Less is more

Isha Sharma 2

13- Your favourite style trick- chose the right color for yourself

14- Your favourite fashion trend- Bodycon dresses

15- A fashion trend you cannot stand- harem pants

16-Your brand fixation- none

17-What are the essential pairs of shoes every woman must possess? – Nice pair of white and gold sneakers, black high gladiator heels , heels in nude and so sir of tan loafers

18- Your fashion icon. Why? –  Sarah-Jessica Parker as what she wore in Sex and the City is still on the runway. ​

19-A perfume you swear by- classique by Jean Paul Gautier

20-Which colour dominates your wardrobe? –  Not one in particular

21-Your ultimate fashion destination? Why?- Milan it’s the birth place of one of Th​ere​
greatest fashion houses

22-The most stylish person in showbiz-  currently I think ​Gigi Hadid

23- If you had to spend your life wearing just one kind of outfit, what would it be? – I had rather die before that happens

24-Have you ever committed a fashion blunder? If yes, when and what?- I’m sure have but I can’t recall